Stevia is a zero calorie sweetener and sugar substitute derived from the leaves of the plant species Stevia rebaudiana, a plant that is the member of the chrysanthemum family native to Brazil and Paraguay.

Nocal is the only all-natural sweetener made in Pakistan under technical collaboration with SEPPIC France. It has zero calories and carbs or artificial ingredients and gives a non-glycemic response meaning it has no effect on the blood sugar level of the body. Nocal is made from the world-renowned Stevia Plant, and is free from all side-effects found in artificial sweeteners in the market. This very sugar alternate is for anyone looking to limit their sugar intake, may it be people with diabetes, or anyone looking to lose weight by cutting down on sugar, while maintaining a sweet tooth.it has endless uses !

We say we with confidence that nocal is the safest option for an organic sugar alternate, many studies assure the safety of the stevia extracts used in nocal along with FDA the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) itself, so don’t hesitate because now you don’t have to hold back your cravings for sweet delights.

Stevia products are not only appropriate in fact recommended for people with diabetes, not only does it lower the plasma glucose levels and raise one glucose tolerance it also reduces blood glucose and lowers blood pressure, For people with type 2 diabetes, but stevia has also been found to trigger a glucagon response too, to add Foods with a glycemic index of less than 50 are considered safe for people with diabetes and the lower the figure, the better it is. Table sugar has a glycemic index of 80 compared to stevia, which has an index of 0. This makes this sweet leaf the perfect substitute for processed sugar without compromising the sweetness in your food.

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Nocal is purely organic and uses no such artificial ingredients, thus there is no aftertaste.

Nocal is purely organic and uses no such artificial ingredients, thus there is no aftertaste.