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I started my Keto Diet with Maria Kasim and she provided me Nocal to use in place of sugar in all of my diet. I must say that I have really loved the taste and enjoying the fact that it is a zero-calorie sweetener. Definitely a must try for all those trying to cut down on calories and diabetic patients.
- Aiman Khan
Actress & Model
I am a certified keto diet instructor and have been recommending Nocal to all of my clients. The best thing is that it is keto friendly and the sweetening agent used is recommended by keto officials all over the world. Stevia is the best alternative to sugar in the market right now.
- Maria Kasim
Certified Keto Diet Instructor
My sugar was really high at around 9.2 which got me quite distressed. My doctor instructed me to use Nocal in place of sugar. After 3 months of exercise and clean diet, I was able to reduce my sugar level to 5.4. Nocal really made the difference and I am now a loyal customer.
- Huma Shah