Nocal - Sachet Box

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Nocal is the only all-natural calorie-free sweetener in Pakistan, made under technical collaboration with SEPPIC France. Made from the world-renowned Stevia Plant, Nocal is free from all side-effects found in artificial sweeteners in the market. Nocal is for anyone looking to limit their sugar intake, may it be people with diabetes, or anyone looking to lose weight by cutting down on sugar, while maintaining a sweet tooth.

Stevia Plant Extract

Stevia is an herb that originates from South America has been used as a natural sweetener for centuries. In its raw form, It is sweeter than sugar but without the calories. FDA has approved Stevia as a safe substitute for sugar as it is purely natural & has no side effects.

From ancient times till now Stevia is used as Cardio tonic, to control the problems of obesity, Hypertension, Heartburn, Fatigue, Depression, sweet cravings & to help lower uric acid levels. After hundreds of years of having only the crude green leaves, the modern world is now benefiting from the modern technology of extracting the natural sweet taste of the stevia plant.

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